Authentic Japanese Food

About Us

Izakaya Kenta has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine since 1997. The restaurant was originally located in Pedro Gil. In the year 2013, it re-opened its doors in its current location in Malate under the new management of Dr. Rey Medina.

Every dish in Izakaya Kenta comes with an authentic Japanese touch and is served in big portions for a reasonable price. It stimulates the appetite with picturesque presentation of its dishes while satisfying the customer’s expectation with sumptuous taste.

The Japanese restaurant exudes a rustic ambiance from the façade to interiors. The wooden tables and chairs affirms the original connotation of Izakaya (居酒屋), a casual place for those who are into after-work drinking. Izakaya Kenta boasts its tatami rooms or private rooms that have a unique design wherein there’s a space apportioned below the dining table. In this way, customers can avoid knee numbness and still experience the traditional Japanese style. Every room is accentuated with tatami mats from Japan and are perfect for small group and exclusive gatherings.

The Japanese keeps coming back at Izakaya Kenta because of the authenticity of the taste. They consider the food as “home cooked” (lutong bahay).

Serving authentic Japanese cuisine since 1997